Proofread What You Write and Post on the Internet


There are over a million reasons posted in articles, comments or blogs concerning the relevance of proofreading on the Internet. It is a valuable reminder and it’s an easy process to accomplish. It only takes caring and time.


Sometimes even after proofreading our own material, we can miss seeing an error that needs to be improved. It’s a good idea to perhaps consider having a friend or family member read your material because another pair of eyes can pick up on something that might have been overlooked.

More than once, I sometimes gasp after I see a word I inadvertently omitted, so I’m thankful I have those extra minutes to quickly edit a necessary correction! I make mistakes also and sometimes after waiting a day and going back to reread, I catch something I overlooked.

Proofreading is not limited to large articles; it could involve a three-line poem also. When you read a paper version of your local newspaper, think how many eyes have to go over that favored article you read and share with others. Sometimes two or three editors go over an article because it’s a reflection of the newspaper’s standards and quality value. If this same newspaper continues to print great newsworthy articles, their readership is affected in a positive light.


If you’re producing material posted to the Internet,

by proofreading, the quality of your material will be enhanced.

Proofreading Advice

  1. Once you have read your material, step away from it for awhile, then come back and read it again before posting or submitted it.
  2. Reading an article out loud is always a good idea because sometimes an error, misplaced word or comma can be spotted using this method.
  3. Once you have your written piece, and especially if it’s not brief, print it out and read it because oftentimes mistakes can be picked up as you’re reading it off paper. Edit on paper and then make the corrections on the computer. You might be more prone to edit and fix when you see your material on paper.
  4. Don’t ever solely rely on spell-check because sometimes it can replace a word with a word you don’t want as you might inadvertently tell it “yes,” or it can overlook a word that might be spelled correctly, but may be used out of context, i.e., there, their or wear and where.

Why Proofread?

Let’s say you spent six hours writing fantastic content for an article. You didn’t rush and you previously performed all your research, so you’re ridiculously pleased with what you wrote. You have great images to accompany your piece too. Writers by profession or by passion, and writers who are meticulously perfectionists will note to themselves any error caught while reading. Whenever I see an error, I always feel I need to communicate same so the content will shine for the writer. If there is only one error, it can be let go especially if the content is amazing. If, however, there are errors in every single paragraph, sometimes a reader will not want to finish the piece and if the reader stops reading, odds are time won’t be spent on sending you any wow comments.

If you write for a blog or site, it’s very important to produce something well-written because not only does it reflect on your abilities, it also is a reflection of the blog or site to which you bring contributions. Everything you write, every e-mail you send, any material to which you send to someone or input somewhere should always be proofread. This adds to the quality of anything you produce in written language. And, you want to shine, right?


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